Find your breath.

Soften your heart.

Clear your mind.

Why choose

Reclaim Yoga?

Here you will find more than clever poses.
You will be reintroduced to your stronger, calmer self.

Many people are surprised to learn that there is no need to be in any particular state of health or fitness to begin.

Come as you are.

You will begin to feel the benefits immediately and from there it just gets better over time.

The Story

behind the name

The name is about reclaiming yoga for one’s self. It’s about rethinking the fads, the punishing regimes and all the other approaches you’ve tried and put aside.  It’s about reclaiming the heart of yoga, so to speak.

You don’t need to change your life before you can enjoy yoga. Let it nourish and enrich the life you have.

A personal practice allows you to fit yoga into your daily routine in a way that cultivates wellbeing by addressing your needs and goals.


When anxiety is a constant companion…

Maria described herself as outdoorsy and very active. She would hike, swim and canoe all weekend if the weather allowed. But she was no longer enjoying it – anxiety was a constant companion. She had tried a purely physical form of yoga previously without success, so we began with a breathing practice.

Over the following weeks we introduced a few more tools and techniques to calm her nervous system and refocus her agitated mind, including some simple movements, nothing too difficult, until she felt confident with a regular home practice. Maria learnt to recognise the early signs of anxiety and to tailor her practice to suit her needs.

These days she counterposes her outdoor pursuits with yoga’s meditative benefits, and she has found her own recipe for sustained body-mind health.

How does it work?

Combinations of simple movement, breathing and meditation help us go deeper and feel better in ourselves.

Yoga is a path to peace and wellbeing, which is easy to say and, thankfully, it’s also easy to learn.

In yoga, the breath is the essential link between the body and the mind.  We use postures and movement to help us extend and deepen our breathing, and we use our breath to guide us as we stretch and strengthen the body.

Both positively affect our state of mind.

The beauty of yoga is in its simplicity and applicability to different people, with varying needs at different times in their lives.

So while we can make some generalisations here, we always begin with you. People who practice yoga know that it helps them to move better, breathe better and feel better.


From surviving an accident, to learning to thrive

The side effects of Jane’s essential medication were uncomfortable. She had put on weight and felt restricted by it. This was not how she had been living her life before the accident and she found it difficult to adjust to her new reality.

We began with simple flowing movements to increase flexibility and a breathing practice to lift her spirits. A week later she reported feeling light on her feet and more light-hearted.

These early results encouraged Jane to keep practicing and exploring any possibility to make small and meaningful changes in her life. Some months later Jane continues to benefit from her regular and personalised home yoga practice.

Our Values


If you can breathe, you can do yoga

Personal Attention

Individual and small group work


Guided by ancient knowledge, informed by neuroscience


Respect for age, ability, lifestyle, culture


Begin simply, focus on what matters


A yoga practice to prepare for birth

Kara was of the opinion that pregnancy would not stop her from doing everything she had previously enjoyed. Friends and family thought differently but she didn’t welcome their advice. After all, she was not sick, she told me, just pregnant.  Agreed.  Except for the “just” part.  We explored her reasons for wanting to practice yoga during pregnancy and agreed to focus on her preparation for birth and parenting.

Now with a clearer intention for her practice, Kara opened to the time-tested benefits of yoga for expectant mothers and their babes within. Kara and her doctor were pleased with her physical and mental preparation, and she came to accept this unique chapter along with the support offered by her extended network.

Sharyn Coughlan

Sharyn has been practicing and studying yoga for over 40 years. She specialises in helping women move more freely through key events in their lives. She offers private tuition for beginners and more experienced students who want to deepen and refocus their practice.

This approach is particularly helpful for:

  • busy people who can’t make it to regular yoga classes
  • people who are new to yoga and/or have particular needs
  • the more experienced yoga student or teacher who is interested in exploring the benefits of yoga in more depth

The initial booking includes 3 private sessions. You decide how often you need to book in and catch up.

Sharyn is a certified yoga therapist, accredited with the Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT).

Her academic qualifications in Social Ecology and Public Policy are complemented by studies in Corporate Wellness, and Coaching Psychology. She holds nationally recognised qualifications in Training & Assessment and is accredited (ACC) with the International Coach Federation. 

accreditations professional coach yoga therapist

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